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Everything you need to know about lip scrubs!

Everything you need to know about lip scrubs! - Beauty You

In recent years, the habit of maintaining a skincare routine has gained its space and thousands of fans in search of younger, healthier and more beautiful skin. Face care includes, of course, the mouth region, but often it ends up forgotten and we only notice its dryness when it's time to apply that powerful matte lipstick. That's why we've gathered everything you need to know about hydration and lip scrubs here.

Why is it important to include lip scrubs in your routine?

Little is said, but the lips are one of the most sensitive regions of our body, they are super exposed and tend to dehydrate more easily. Low humidity, heat or intense cold are some circumstances that can contribute to dryness and the appearance of cracks, as well as the use of matte lipsticks, lack of hydration, the habit of passing the tongue to moisten the region and using of some medications.

To combat the problem, lip scrub is one of the most suitable actions, as it eliminates dead cells, cleans, renews and moisturizes at the same time. The technique promotes the friction of granules on the skin and can be done with specific cosmetics or even using homemade ingredients. The application of products should be done lightly and delicately, being recommended two to three times a week or following the guidelines of each manufacturer.

In addition to not letting your lipstick crack, the procedure leaves everything looking healthy, soft and inhibits flaking and the appearance of those dreaded hairs, which can cause great discomfort such as pain and even bleeding when trying to remove them.


Tips and care for before and after

Hydrate your lips before exfoliating;
Lip scrub is not recommended for people with chronically dry lips;
Avoid exfoliating injured or herpes skin;
After exfoliation, you always need to moisturize your lips;
Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.
Keep a lip balm in your bag and use it whenever necessary.
Take care of your food.

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