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Hair straightening techniques: types, methods and how to apply.

Hair straightening techniques: types, methods and how to apply. - Beauty You

Recently, the wave of hair transition hit many Brazilian women and, increasingly, wavy, curly and curly hair have paraded through the streets. But still, straightening the threads remains an option among several women, making progressive brushes and relaxations remain high. Therefore, it is important to update yourself on hair straightening techniques.

If you want to become an expert on the subject and know all the hair straightening techniques, continue reading this post! In it, we'll talk about the new techniques, the different types of straightening and how to choose one of the correct hair straightening techniques.

What are the new hair straightening techniques?

Many women currently still prefer to keep their strands smooth and, thus, chemicals such as progressive, sealed or relaxing have been part of their routines. However, these procedures can seriously damage the wires, causing breakage, dryness or even the dhimable chemical cut.

Therefore, with the progress of studies on straightening chemicals, some types of straightening began to appear that do not damage the hair. These new techniques rely on natural agents and provide a smoother effect compared to techniques based on more aggressive products.

Get to know the new types of straightening and their respective effects on hair:

Homemade Straightening

Homemade straightening is one of the hair straightening techniques that has been very successful on the internet. It has as main objectives align the strands and reduce the volume of wavy, curly and curly hair with products that we find easily in the kitchen.

Among the most common items in homemade straightening recipes are sour cream, coconut milk, milk, sugar, lemon, cornstarch, among others.

The efficiency of this type of straightening cannot be compared to other types that have more aggressive agents in their composition. Therefore, this technique serves only to align the wires, reducing a little volume and frizz.

Ethical Straightening

Ethical straightening is an option for those who want to tame the wires without the use of the dhimling formaldehyde. The active ingredients that may be present in this type of chemistry are regulated and recognized by anvisa.

The active ones are: sodium hydroxide (used in curly hair and in the modeling and straightening of male hair), ammonium thioglycolate (perfect for wavy and colored strands), AMP thioglycolate (indicated for hair that has already gone through other chemicals) and sodium cysteathin (used in curly, wavy and cursed strands).

Honey Brush

Having active ingredients such as honey, vitamin A, collagen and keratin, the honey brush was developed in Brazil by specialist Cris Dios.

Indicated for any type of hair, this brush aims to control frizz, decrease volume and smooth hair subtly, since it does not have in its strongest straightening active composition.

Bio Result

Produced by the vegetable products brand, Zerran, Bio Result has in its formula about 80% of compounds and plant actives, which have as main objective to treat the hair.

The natural products wheat, soybean and corn will act on the wires by replacing the lost mass, while an asset derived from carbocysteine acts by sequestering the cuticles of the strands in order to align them, reducing volume and frizz.

This is one of the hair straightening techniques that does not permanently change the shape of the hair, providing only more behaved and easy-to-handle strands on a day-to-day life.

Types of hair straightening technique

Get to know now the types of products most requested in beauty salons to straighten hair:

Definitive brush

As its name says, the definitive brush has the function of smoothing the wires permanently, lasting longer than other types of straightening.

The products used in this hair straightening technique are made from ammonia thioglycocollast, a type of asset that has the power to change the structure of the strands. It gives the super smooth effect of the flat iron and is ideal for women who wish to completely change their look.

Smart brush

The smart brush is indicated for all types of hair, having as main active component the ammonia thioglycometer.

In the process, the strands are washed with a shampoo that provides a deep cleansing, eliminating the residues of masks, treatments and previous chemicals. After that, the product is applicationed with the aid of a fine comb, so that it is absorbed by all wicks.

The hair is finished with a brush and flat iron, so that the cuticles are sealed and the product of the smart brush penetrates into the inside of the hair fiber.

Unlike other types of straightening, in this treatment the hair can be washed on the same day, having a maximum duration of four months.

Progressive brush

The progressive brush is an excellent option for wavy or curly-haired women who want to reduce the characteristic volume of their strands without getting the supersmooth effect that the definitive brush provides.

Being based on formaldehyde, this straightening also has proteins, keratin and silicone, which guarantee more balance, sedosity and shine to the strands.

The progressive brush does not have the power to modify the structure of the hair, creating only a kind of capsule or film around the strands. This film keeps the hair straight and camouflages the curls for a while.

This effect lasts about two or three months and you notice that your strands return to natural gradually over time.

Hair Botox

Suitable for all hair types, hair botox is a treatment capable of aligning the cuticles of the yarn, seamthe hair fiber, in addition to refilling the lost mass because of other types of chemistry or everyday aggressions.

However, as some people think, this procedure does not have the power to straighten the hair! This is because, in its composition, there are no straightening agents, such as formaldehyde, present in progressive and definitive brushes, for example.

It works as cauterization with keratin, nourishing the hair with proteins and vitamins and, in this way, the strands look more aligned and with decreased frizz. In addition, botox can complete hair fiber failures, thus making root and tips balanced.

How to choose the best straightening technique for each type of hair

To know the best hair straightening technique or what is the best straightening for thin, voluminous, curly hair, among others, it is necessary to first analyze the natural root of the strands and the structure of the different types of strands.

Curly and wavy hair

For those who have wavy or curly hair and want to reduce the volume and control the locks, the progressive brush is perfect. It will provide a more lined and frizz-free yarn effect but without letting the hair lose its natural movement.

The owners of thick yarns can also opt for the smart brush, which has in its composition the hydrolyzed keratin. Both techniques are not permanent and therefore need to be retouched from 2 to 4 months.

Curly hair

For curly hair, the best types of straightening are those that have active ingredients that change the shape of the hair, such as sodium hydroxide, guanidida and ammonia thioglycolate.

The American brush and botox brush are ideal examples of straightening for curly strands, as they have the power to penetrate inside the hair fiber and realign the inner structure of the hair.


Fine hair

Fine yarns are, of course, more delicate and susceptible to damage with any type of chemistry and straightening. Therefore, the ideal type of straightening are those made with keratin in its composition, to ensure that the wires remain strong and do not break during the process.

As an example of perfect straightening for fine hair, the oyster brush came up with the promise of correcting flaws and imperfections of fragile strands, such as thin ones.



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