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No squeezing! We teach you how to treat your acne the right way!

No squeezing! We teach you how to treat your acne the right way! - Beauty You

It happens! As much as we invest a lot of time in skincare and products, every now and then that annoying pimple appears that makes you turn to the internet in search of a miracle to get rid of it instantly. When it appears well on a special day, then, the temptations are many: squeezing, cleaning too much or even resorting to more homemade methods, such as using toothpaste as a drying agent (note : don't do any of that !).

These and many other “treatments” recommended by friends or by Google, not only do not solve, but can make our situation worse. But know that there are quick and simple ways to treat, or at least alleviate that annoying pimple. The Beauty You Chloe dermatologist give us tips to avoid them to appear and give us tricks to get rid of quickly and easily.

A balanced diet can help

Are there foods that improve or worsen acne ? Yes! According to dermatologists, it may indeed be related to food and, in this sense, the frequent consumption of high glycemic index carbohydrates and milk and dairy products “can generate hyperinsulinemia, which influences the process of acne formation”. But since nothing in life is eight or eighty, and, yes, a balance, you don't need to cut out food forever. To help fight acne, it's essential to maintain a balanced diet and try to avoid excess carbohydrates and dairy products.

Pay attention to your makeup

The makeup is a nice feature to temporarily camouflage that naughty spine, but be attentive to the product you are using. “Very oily or very dry formulations worsen more inflammation and, if the makeup is not removed properly, residues can cause and worsen acne”.

It is also worth remembering that there are makeups with formulas aimed at acne-prone skin. This is the case of products with salicylic acid , which helps to treat and prevent pimples.

Always remember to change your pillowcase

Despite being sleep's best friends , pillows are a favorable environment for the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria, which can cause that pimple. Also, pillowcases can accumulate sebum and dead cells. Therefore, Chloe recommends changing them frequently and paying attention not only to sanitizing the pillowcase, but also the pillow itself.

Pay attention to your hair products

The dermatologist Chloe teaches that "the oils that you deposit on the scalp, can 'down' to the forehead, neck and ear area and clog the pores , causing or worsening acne." This can happen by using very thick products such as creams to control volume. In these cases, it is not recommended to use directly on the hair root , as it can even clog the pores of the scalp and cause pimples in the region. A good tip is to always wash your face and back after applying your hair care products and rinse well, so that you get all possible residue out of your body.

Be careful when using a lot of drying

One of the most common reactions to acne is wanting to dry it out at all costs, however, Chloee explains that over-cleaning can actually have a rebound effect — which is when the skin understands that it needs to produce more oil. In addition, overuse of drying products can also cause irritation.

No Toothpaste!

Among the biggest urban legends for acne treatment, using toothpaste to dry pimples is one of the most common home treatments. However, “everything we use homemade, which is very thick, as is the case with toothpaste , instead of improving acne, it will make it worse, as it can occlude the pores even more”, teaches Chloe. In addition to toothpaste, minancora, water paste and diaper rash cream are also on the list of those that do more harm than good.

Ice to deflate, yes!

Favorite beauty trick of grannies , ice can help so that the spine that came overnight.  Chloe says that "anything cold that you put on your face will make a vasoconstriction, closing the small veins of the skin". This helps to reduce the redness and swelling of the skin, but the result is short-lived and doesn't really treat—but it can help right now.

Do not use medications that are not intended for the treatment of acne

Despite containing salicylic acid in the formula, which is an active used to dry pimples, using crumbled aspirin as a topical medicine does not bring results. Chloe says, “It's much more effective, for example, to use a facial soap with the acid in the formula. In addition to the concentration being different, many people can be allergic to aspirin and get much more complicated."

And finally, don't squeeze your pimple!

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