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Have you ever noticed that when washing your hair in the salon, your strands come out of there softer, more dry and with much more movement?

Believe me, the answer is not only in professional products, but mainly in the way the hairdresser washes your hair. Use warm or cold water on the strands, do a gentle massage with the shampoo all over the surface of the scalp and wait for the conditioner to act on the wicks are just some essential tips to wash your hair the right way. Want to learn more to try copying them at home? That's easy!

Washing the hair too much removes the natural oil from the scalp, causing the rebound effect: the root becomes even more oily


Regulate   water temperature 

It should be warm or cold, never too hot: excessive heat contributes to the dryness of the wires. 

Save on shampoo 

The equivalent of 1/4 of the palm of your hand is enough for all hair. To keep the wires from getting heavy, use it only once.


Massage with kindness 

With circular movements, apply the shampoo for approximately 20 seconds. Let it drain to length and ends.


Attention to conditioner 

Unlike shampoo, the conditioner should be applied only in length and tips. Let him act on his hair for five to seven minutes.


Remember, less is more 

The amount equivalent to a teaspoon is ok for short threads. For medium and long, a dessert spoon is enough.


Rinse your hair well 

Make sure that all the residue has been disposed of. Give one last rinse with cold water: the thermal shock gives more brightness!


 Activate root circulation 

Still in the bath, use a comb to untangle the wicks carefully, always from the tips to the center of the length.


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