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Top 10 tips to healthy hair: learn how to moisturize, wash and care for your hair.

Top 10 tips to healthy hair: learn how to moisturize, wash and care for your hair. - Beauty You


There are certain cares that, when adopted as a habit, keep any woman's hair looking healthy and much more beautiful regardless of the type of hair she has. Therefore, we have selected 10 suggestions so that you can also take care of your hair as it deserves, check out:

1. Take care of your hair when washing

In order for your hair to be beautiful and well cared for, it is important to use only products designed for that type of hair. There are specific lines of shampoo and conditioner for frizzy, straight, oily, dry, dyed, chemically treated hair, among others.

Do not wash your hair in excessively hot water and avoid washing it every day. Always remove all of his shampoo and conditioner when you're done washing and moisturizing him. Always prefer cold water, as it helps to close the cuticles and avoid that horrible look of flaky, frizzy hair.

2. Dry your hair without damaging it

Before drying your hair, use a heat active product to protect your hair from damage caused by the heat of the dryer and flat iron. Avoid drying your hair with the blow dryer too close to the roots, always leave it 15cm away from your head. Use the flat iron only if it is extremely necessary and try not to leave it in the hair for too long.

3. Cut your hair regularly

To keep your hair strong and healthy and prevent the dreaded split ends, cut your hair at least every three months. Choose a cut that enhances your face, after all, hair is his “frame” and deserves every whim.

4. Moisturize your hair

It is necessary to make hydration every 15 days to ensure the health and shine of the hair. Moisturizers can be done at home or at the salon, with products suitable for your hair type. If you prefer, you can make a homemade mask to hydrate your hair.

Wash your hair well with an anti-residue shampoo and remove all the product. After washing it, apply the mask only to the length of the hair, massage and wait 15 minutes. Completely remove the product from the hair and it is ready to dry or arrange it as you wish.

5. Protect the strands from the sun

The hair suffers a lot when exposed to the sun, it becomes very dry. That's why it's important to always protect them with a hat when going to the beach and in any situation where your head will be exposed to the sun for a long time. In addition, when the scalp is affected by the sun, dandruff appears, leaving the hair looking dirty and oily. To make them even safer against UV rays, use a sunscreen for hair.

6. Comb with love

Be very careful and patient when brushing or styling your hair. If they get tangled up easily, secure them lightly with an elastic band when going out in the wind and sleeping. When detangling, use a comb with long bristles and never a brush. Comb gently so as not to break the strands, but to untangle it slowly.

7. Escape the frizz

So that your hair is always tidy, looking like hair from a shampoo commercial, it is recommended to use a straightener after drying. This way, the frizzy strands lower and the hair looks better.

8. Eat well

Diet directly influences the beauty not only of hair but also of skin and nails. The most suitable foods to keep hair healthy are those rich in iron, copper, zinc, minerals, vitamin B12, biotin, proteins and iodine. What to avoid includes canned, refined and artificial foods.

9. Drink fluids

Water is responsible for hydrating the skin and hair, so it is essential to always drink plenty of water and juices. In this way, your hair acquires natural hydration that comes from your body and helps to make your hair even softer and more shiny.

10. Avoid getting your hair wet in pool water

Pool water usually has large amounts of chlorine and other substances that dry out and weaken the strands, so if you go to the pool and they get wet, wash them immediately and moisturize so your strands are not damaged by chlorine. No leaving the chlorinated water on your hair for hours and hours.

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